Steam Cleaning
What is Steam Cleaning?
Steam Cleaning is the use of super-heated water vapour to clean and sanitize any given area or material. Steam Cleaning removes grease, grime and odours (none of which will cause sickness). Steam Cleaning will also sanitize by destroying germs, bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms that do cause disease and sickness and often spread around with traditional cleaners and rags. It will sanitize into the cracks and crevices of hard surfaces such as tiled and wooden flooring whilst chemical cleaning just skims the top leaving germs behind.
What are the Benefits of Steam Cleaning?
No chemicals used ONLY water and heat No residue, no bleach or ammonia smell and no chemicals polluting the indoor air. Save Money, instead of buying cleaning materials and deodorizers you simply pay for a few litres of water and the electricity used to heat it. Allergy Sufferer? Steam kills dust mites as well as bed bugs, fleas, eggs and larvae. This is all WITHOUT costly pesticides or chemicals. Pathogens such as MRSA, Listeria and Salmonella (often found in kitchens and bathrooms) are killed before causing problems. Steam cleaners are able to achieve high temperatures of up to 322 degrees Fahrenheit and pressure levels up to 150PSI. The key temperature to kill pathogens such as Salmonella is 131degrees Fahrenheit. Mould and Mildew growth (most commonly found in bathroom and shower areas) are organic and cause allergic reactions. Steam will destroy this growth unlike using bleach which DOES NOT kill mould but bleaches the colour enabling it to blend in to surfaces such as the grouting and caulking around the shower or bathtub.
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