Lamont is established for Technical & Cleaning and Facility Management Services. The idea of the company was conceived to provide a turnkey solution with quality and reliable services to the clients.

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Servicing
To keep your air-con maintained and enhance its operational lifespan Lamont provides the knowledge and expertise of their technical staff. Air conditioning is vital for comfortable living in many countries around the globe. Uninterrupted cooling 24/7 is achieved through preventative maintenance, and any emergency repairs are able to be performed rapidly in order to ensure your discomfort is minimized.
Electrical Fittings and Fixtures
Lamont employs a large number of trained and qualified electricians capable of providing services that conform to all local safety regulations. Wiring, fuses, lighting, sockets, fixtures, fans and air conditioning units are installed safely and securely and all are given regular maintenance in order to ensure they continue to operate as required.
Partitions and Ceilings
In today's environment many office buildings are almost entirely devoid of facilities to ensure the customer is able to customize the floor plan and layout to their satisfaction. New office blocks are erected every year and in many the offices themselves are only bare concrete shells until sold to the client. Lamont are poised to provide all services required during this process, including the construction and placement of office partitions and ceilings according to the requirements of the client.
Carpentry Services
Lamont offers all woodworking services – on-site carpentry, furniture design and construction, walls and flooring, etc. Lamont is fully capable of performing all duties along with delivering furniture and furnishings to any desired environment, be it residential, corporate, factories, warehouses or hotels and motels.
Sanitary Services and Plumbing
Comprehensive sanitary services are offered, ranging from septic tank installation and maintenance to pipe installation. Emergency repairs are applied by qualified employees at a moments notice.
Plaster and Cladding
Lamont have extensive experience in prominent plaster and cladding services. All needs are undertaken – official, corporate and residential. Via the employment of premium quality tools and materials the plasterers employed by Lamont are able to provide a quality service.
Lamont lay all varieties of tiles and decorative bricks on both internal and external walls and flooring – glass, ceramic, clay, slate, marble and others in order to provide both protective and decorative finishes.
Lamont can guarantee the quality of both the painting supplies and services provided. Whether beautifying a home or putting a protective coat on the exterior of a warehouse, Lamont is able to fulfill your requirements expertly.
Lamont offers an extensive range of wallpapers imported from numerous different countries. As it is impossible to keep everything in stock at all times, Lamont employees are happy to order and supply wallpaper that the client desires.
Metal Working
Lamont employees are capable of performing a wide variety of metalworking tasks ranging from a number of different methods of welding, burning, bracing and bolting to plumbing, rigging, walls and flooring. The majority are capable of being performed on location in order to minimize delivery times and ensure all instructions from the client are being performed correctly.
Engraving and Ornamentation
Enhance your home or office with the expertise and professionalism that all Lamont engravers possess. All aspects of the process, from drafting blueprints to the final finish, are able to be supervised by the client in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Custom designs are welcomed.
Comprehensive Building Cleaning
In addition to a large number of technical and specialist staff, Lamont employs significant reserves of general manpower capable of undertaking comprehensive cleaning contracts. With experience cleaning offices, supermarkets, hotels and malls, Lamont is able to procure and provide skilled cleaning staff on monthly and yearly contracts. Support is provided to clients on a 24/7 basis via a network of trained supervisors and inspectors. In all, Lamont is capable of catering to virtually any of your cleaning and facilities management needs.
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